Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dog

It must be noted that the picture above is of Jean Moore Swerngan, aka “grandmommy”, but since passing on February 23,2007 – she is now famously know as – “the coolest lady that ever lived”.

Just think how much your pet loves you.  Now take that love and imagine the joy a person can get from the affection of loving animal during a difficult time.  Therapy dog training is a wonderful experience.  The joy you see in a sick child’s face or an elderly person when their four legged friend enters the room is wonderful.  We proudly provide this gift to any dog and loved one who is interested in a way to give back to the community.

It takes a special dog to be a therapy animal.  We can assist in assessing, training, and getting your dog certified for therapy work. We work with a fabulous partner, Paws for People foundation, who train and place many service dogs throughout the country. Once you and your dog are certified, you can visit local hospitals and nursing homes to lift the spirits, or others in need of love and attention.