Agility Class

Dog Agility Classes

Does your dog look like he belongs on the football field…jumping and contorting his body in different ways?  Is your dog agile?    Your dog is working his body and his mind to accomplish the task of catching that Frisbee, and while doing it he makes the task look like a work of art.  Agility allows your dog to think and accomplish tasks mentally by studying and overcoming different obstacles. It will astonish you that completing an A Frame will exhaust your dog both mentally and physically.

Dogs are achievers and are task motivated (take hunting prey – they hide, pursue, position themselves in a way that they complete their objective and catch the prey).  Agility allows a dog to accomplish this.  Agility builds confidence, and with that confidence comes the ability to control their speed, accuracy, as well as problem solve and hone in on their navigational skills.  Beginner and advanced agility classes are offered starting every month, so check out the calendar and sing up today.