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Justin’s admiration of and fascination with all things canine has led him to work with dogs nearly his entire life. He worked his way through Georgia State University by managing a local dog daycare and training facility. Through 4 years of managing the facility, Justin’s interest in caring for dogs grew as he observed them interact in a large group setting daily. There are no better teachers of dog communication than the dogs themselves. As Justin’s knowledge and ability to communicate with dogs grew, family and friends (and friends of friends) began asking for advice about their dogs. After Justin graduated, he continued helping people with their dogs as a hobby while he worked his 9 to 5 job in downtown Atlanta. Something was missing, though, and Justin made a very tough decision to quit his stable (yet unfulfilling) job and pursue a full-time career in dog training. Soon afterwards, he attended the Dog Wizard Academy, where his knowledge and experience with dogs grew exponentially. The state-of-the-art training methods he has learned have led him to training and helping hundreds of dogs and their families. Justin’s passion for improving the relationships between dogs and their owners drives and rewards him every day. Justin’s specialties include separation anxiety, aggression, nervous/shy dogs and high-energy breeds. Justin is accompanied 24/7 by a highly motivated shepherd/terrier mix, Randy, that he adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society.

dog obedience atlanta


Randy was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society when he was only 16 weeks old. Shortly after coming home Randy fell ill and was diagnosed with parvo. The Humane Society was good enough to provide treatment. But a pup as small and young as him had very little chance of making it against parvo. However, Randy survived and has made the most of his life ever since. Whether it’s perching on fire hydrants, chasing a tennis ball or retrieving a “cold beverage” from the cooler, Randy always gives 100% and has a blast doing it.